20 Thousand iPhone 4S Official Marketed in Indonesia

Posted by: Maya Sari
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Apple iPhone mobile phone 4S finally officially marketed in Indonesia premiere starting today, through its marketing channel partners and operator with a price tag bundling ranging from Rp 7.7 million.

Telkomsel and XL Axiata who became his partner, each get a quota of 10 thousand units of the Apple iPhone 4S for bundling the early stages of the marketing program.

"10 thousand units for the next two weeks," said Vice President of Channel Management Telkomsel Gideon Edie Purnomo, to detikINET, Friday (01/27/2012).

It is also said by Handono Warih, GM Core & Channel Development MDS XL. "Yes, the same quota (with Telkomsel)," he said, when confirmed.

4S iPhone is Apple's new smartphone as well as the recent work of the late Steve Jobs. Not only the specification provided the same level above previous series, the iPhone 4, Siri features in this product also has its own charm.

Membanderol Telkomsel iPhone 4S with the smallest capacity of 16GB Rp 7.7 million, for the 32GB version costs Rp 8.8 million, while the 64GB version is $ 9.9 million banderolnya.

"The cheapest for prepaid 16GB Rp 7.7 million. Each increment of Rp 1.1 million with a capacity of 32GB and 64GB for it, "said Gideon.

While XL, offers a bit more expensive wares. For a capacity of 16GB worth Rp 7.999 million, 9.199 million 32GB version and 64GB Rp Rp 10.399 million.

"(A little more expensive than Vodacom because) we provide a free 12-month 1.2 GB hotrod," said Warih.

Telkomsel to launch its inaugural offering discounted $ 1 million for the first 100 buyers when launching the Hello packets in Grapari Gandaria City, this Friday starting at 9:30 pm.

But not unconditionally, in Telkomsel site written several provisions to get the discount. Among other things, especially for prospective customers Halo Cards and the users that have a credit card Bank Mandiri, BCA, BNI, Citibank and HSBC.

While XL, offers discounted $ 1 million for the first 200 shoppers at 5 for all regional XL Center XL in Indonesia.

"We also offer 0% installment program with all the banks. The program is also available on the iBox and other gadget stores, "said Warih.

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